Scooter experience


So I have been without my car for over a year now and today had yet another interesting scooter experience, which made me want to excite or caution anyone thinking about making the switch.

Some things that I love: 60 miles to the gallon, $100/year insurance coverage, $3 a week gas bill. I love the ability to smell most anything that you pass like pizza, cigarettes, trash, bread baking.  Those are things you
Hair is fun and it is also something I take very seriously.  This picture does NOT do justice to the work that Heather Davis from Salon Sovay has done on my hair.

I recently found myself on the market for a new hairstylist a performed some massive searches on the internet to find a place. Somehow I stumbled upon Salon Sovay, read Heather’s bio and wanted to give it a shot.

Tonight we went to a poolside fashion show sponsored by the Art Alliance Austin at the AMLI downtown. It’s slowly becoming cooler in Austin and this was a great night for such an affair! I love that we can go to these events and you see people dressed up the the nines to your general Austin casual cool. 

There was food sponsored by Delish and La Condesa and fashion provided
We received our latest Dishalicious delivery on Wednesday and I have just now tasted the quinoa tabbouleh with almonds, preserved lemons, and herbs. Oh. My. God. It is so good!  It feels healthy AND tastes delish. The preserved lemon adds a brightness and flavor that just wakes up my mouth. Needless to say, I’m going to do my best to recreate this dish.  I never thought of making tabbouleh with quinoa, instead of bulgar. What a great idea!

Last night we had their spinach and mushroom lasagna. It was good and 
Brent was craving sushi so we decided to try a new place in our hood, Piranha Killer Sushi. My camera died just before we went so I only got one picture from his iphone. Anyways, the decor is simple and fresh and I love the sushi bar in the center of the restaurant; it reminded me of a sushi place we ate at in San Francisco, except this time the sushi was good!

To drink I had the Redeye Martini and I asked for a bump up in spiciness

My rainbow


Well, as a state employee, first of all, I am thankful for LBJ’s birthday as I have today off. Thanks LBJ! So, I am spending a nice relaxing day with my husband.

In the middle of our afternoon, we got a nice little rain. When it rains, I always enjoy raising our blinds and sitting on the back of the couch (it makes me feel like a kid) and I get a better view of all the people
It isn’t always easy to get up and ride my bike to work. The alarm goes off waayy to early those days. I do enjoy riding though, don’t get me wrong. I know how lucky am I that I am close enough to ride my bike to work.

Anyways, I was particularly looking forward to today, since I was meeting my friend V and we were going to ride in together. I don’t know what it is
I’m really working hard to use all of my farm to work ingredients this week. Farm to work is a great program they have at the State agency I work for where a farmer brings local produce to our work once a week. I really love it but sometimes it’s hard to be creative with squash and okra and other summer veggies week after week.

Tonight was an excellent dinner! I love my cook book, Vegetarian Cooking
for Everyone
; Deborah Madison has recipes that make my meals look like I

We hadn’t been to Moonshine in a while so we thought we'd stop in for a bite.  I ordered a spinach salad with goat cheese, almonds and mangos and a side of grilled polenta. They didn’t exactly “go” together but were quite yummy! I’m working on a running tally of my favorite places to eat salads in Austin and this was good but I wouldn’t say it tops my list. The polenta with the fresh basil and marinara sauce will definitely keep me coming back though
So Brent and I went to an EcoSeries event and there were several local vendors there pimping there goods. I met one of the cofounders of Dishalicious, Louis. Before we started talking I tasted the food and it was, well, delicious! Then we started talking about their product and I got super excited. They have a delivery service that delivers pre-made meals to your home AND as much of the product is from local farmers as possible. We started talking carbon footprint and supporting local and I fell in love