I continue to fall in love with Heather at Salon Sovay.  I blogged about her here and here. I don't even think I've been going to her for a year yet and I love that she helps me put a twist on my look almost every time I come in to see her.  She's so great at what she does; Heather is a perfectionist and always wants us both to be happy when I walk out the door. I was almost embarrassed to come get my most recent "do" re-done simply because it had been way to too long since I saw her last. I couldn't believe I was STILL getting compliments on my locks up to the very day I walked in the front door.
Since my hair was a little long I insisted on keeping my little pig tails. I was afraid to change everything all at once, I've never in my life gone this light before on the color, so I was terrified and excited. 
The whiter more platinum color, where my roots are, is the goal. We knew there would be some issue with the previous dark color that would be underneath and I can't believe how good the results came out! Of course, she was willing to spend more time with me and get it whiter but in the end we both agreed to give it some time and see if it lightens up on its own.
I truly hate this picture, just focus on the hair, not the face.
Clearly, from my ridiculous "Dark Knight"/joker smile, I love it. Once she dried my hair and styled it, I knew that all the mental preparedness I had done leading up to this was for nothing. There was no adjustment, no tears of sadness for making a big change, there is nothing but a big grin on my face and it looks awesome!
Brent didn't know that I was loving the big change, so I psyched him out a little and sent him a text message saying I wasn't sure if I liked it. He had a martini, with a freshly frozen glass, waiting for me was I walked through the door. He actually made a quite nice beverage calling it a "Hellfire Tini". It was made with Tito's, pickled jalapeno juice, cayenne pepper, and an olive. I will definitely have him stir one up for me again sometime. Poor guy, he thought he was going to have to deal with a mess when I walked in the door. Sucka!

06/01/2010 17:41

Your hair always rocks... is it weird if I say you have a cute head? :)

06/02/2010 06:41

Ha! Nobody has ever told me I have a cute head but I love it! It's also definitely better to hear than the comment I got from work.. the guy says I look like a boy from the back, which makes no sense since I have pigtails.

06/02/2010 08:13

I can't wait to see it when I get back :)

06/02/2010 18:01

Looks awesome! Great Blog!

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