I have had several people request that I make a special post about our wedding, so, if you're bored at work, here you go. ;)

We got married on April 30, 2009.  This was the 3 year anniversary of the day we met. We also were married where we met, on the sidewalk in front of our home and the meter where it all began was decorated.  It was a meaningful place and such a special, intimate wedding. It was great fun!

So, a little back story.... Brent and I met on April 30th, 2006 at a parking meter in front of where we live.  He was standing outside his loft as I was parking my car; he stopped me to talk.  Once he found out I was a Manager at Eddie V's you could almost see the comic strip bubble over his head saying, "Free steak!"  Before I walked away, he ran inside his place and grabbed a business card (which I still carry in my wallet).  I can't lie and say I wasn't thinking his place was super convenient for when I got off work from the restaurant at 2 and 3am.
side of the story is that as I was walking away, one of his friends said, "Dude, she was totally checking you out."  Well, he had distracted me from my purpose and I had forgotten something in my car.  I had to return before my shift started and his friends freaked because, "I came back for a second look." I say, no way.  I'm not that obvious, right?
Anyways, I was finishing my last week of training and I'm just impressed that he hit on me when I was wearing my beautiful man's white tuxedo shirt, a black bow-tie, faded black slacks and kick-ass rubber kitchen shoes. I was quite the hottie.  So, since I was finishing my training for Eddie V's, I was still working my full-time job at the State.  I passed his business card back and forth the table during my breaks with my friend Crystal, Darla and Andrea.  I was really struggling with whether or not to call him.  My friend Crystal, helped me focus on my dream of becoming "L3", having 3 L initials.  Since Brent's last name was Lane she repeatedly pointed out, "Laura, what if he is the L you've been looking for?" So I called.
The story from there is that we went on our first date..... and it never ended.  Neither of us was looking for a long-term partner and yet here we are today and I truly consider myself one of the luckiest people, anywhere.  I am married to someone I love, respect and have so much fun with!  I am also living my dream of having a place downtown and driving a scooter, which Brent has been completely instrumental in; I will never deny what a great life we live. 
I know Brent has helped me become a person I never imagined I would be and I look forward to who I will become in spending my life with him.... cheesy, schmeesy but completely true.

If you would like to see a few of the pictures from our wedding, as well as our written ceremony (at the bottom) click here.