Another busy busy day! So my morning started off with another fabulous haircut/color by Heather at Salon Sovay. I raved about Heather here and continue to sing her praises to everyone I know in need of a great haircut. I hate to brag, but people have always complimented my hair because I generally do pretty fun stuff with it (when I have the money). But this is the first time that people have complimented AND asked for my stylist's info AND actually gone to her. I can honestly say that none of the four friends that have trusted their locks to Heather's care have been disappointed.
I love the sublte change in color from the last time.. though she can't do anything about my goofy face.
I really appreciate the way Heather explains everything very thoroughly and you know exactly what to expect. She always takes her time and really wants you to be happy.
I think I might have been an elf in my past life, just fyi, based on the elf-like profile.
Egg Salad Tartine.. yum.
After the haircut I rushed over to Blue Dahlia for a bite and to join Brent and some friends while they took a break from their house hunting adventure. I talked about Blue Dahlia before here, if you want to check it out. Anyways, this time I stuck with my favorite the Egg Salad Tartine and it was everything I had hoped for! Egg salad is egg salad but drizzle it with olive oil, add a sprinkle of capers , and smear it on top of a fresh baked slice of wheat bread and how can you not fall in love? It was scrumptious and it will keep me coming back for more.
Chicken salad tartine with pine nuts and dried cranberries
Garbanzo Bean Salad with cucumber, tomato and basil pesto
After lunch I joined in the house hunt. I always love seeing properties and what's going on with urban development in central Austin. It's interesting to see what new construction is going on and what modern amenities are being installed in new condos near downtown. That's one reason I enjoy the fact that Brent is still a Realtor focusing on downtown so I get to see the trend's and also see what the market is dictating for prices. It's just a matter of interest since that's where we live.
Brent's Jerk Chicken Salad: Mixed greens tossed with sesameginger dressing and topped with jerk chicken strips, Roma tomatoes, crispy tortilla strips and feta cheese.
After the busy busy day we continued on with the friends we were with and joined more at Z Tejas. After a day with so much hustle and bustle I was really looking forward to a bloody mary at dinner. I have to say I was a bit disappointed, it was watery and a bit bland but I do now have an addition to my top salad destinations in Austin! I had the Achiote Chopped Salad vegetarian style: Diced avocados, Roma tomatoes, black beans, cotija cheese, roasted corn, and pumpkin seeds, which was tossed table side with ranch vinaigrette.  It was awe-inspiring. The combination of the heavier ingredients (avocado, beans, pumpkin seeds) made the salad really feel like a hearty yet healthy meal. It can be difficult to make a filling salad that is tasty and the dressing was light and not overpowering and added a harmonizing flavor to all the ingredients.

It was a good day all in all with great food and great company!

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Thanks Zelda!

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Great hair!

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Thanks Thomas!

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