Most of the time my lovely husband likes to pretend he has no kitchen skills but look at those beautifully poached eggs and toast! Simple and delicious. I called in sick today and something is beating me up.. whether it's allergies or a cold nobody will ever know but it has me down. Anyways, if that's what it takes to get a delicious breakfast made while I'm snuggled up on the couch then deal!

By evening I was getting a little restless and didn't feel like cooking. As we were trying to decide where to eat our friend called and invited us to Wahoo's. Brent really doesn't look forward to eating here so when I have a friend inviting me, I'm always in.
Wahoo's food is inexpensive and fresh and delicious. Their side salad with house vinaigrette is always a favorite of mine and worth the 50 cent upgrade from rice and beans. While their enchilada's are cheese covered I still don't feel too guilty about them as we don't eat here all the time. I love that they have veggie and meat options and it's a casual dining experience in the heart of downtown. For me it was a win, win.
brent's dual chicken enchiladas.
My veggie enchilada with zucchini and other delicious tidbits.

11/21/2009 09:01

Hey Laura! Your dad told me about your site so I thought I'd check it out. Looks like a lot of fun! Really interesting articles and the photos are stellar! I'm a bartender/writer here in Dallas, and I do something similar with Examiner.com. When you get a chance maybe you can click on the link to my home page and check out my stuff. Oh, the Examiner is always hiring...so if you want more info on it let me know. Take care!

11/22/2009 13:14

Thanks for the input! I'll definitely send you an email.

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