This is how we roll, literally.
We had a nice New Year's Eve this year. A couple of our friends graciously offered up their place for the bash. I'm not going to lie, after years of throwing big parties at our house I must say, I've gotten old and/or lazy and just really dread the next day clean up; especially with the recent reminder after our Halloween party this year. Besides, they have an awesome place at the AMLI downtown with a huge balcony and it's a perfect bachelor pad for parties.
So, being the girl I am I had to bring a few food items. Though I figured they wouldn't cater to the crowds I brought a few selfish veggie items.

Day After Christmas


Brent's dad, Bud, showing off the beautiful baked goods. The basket was full of croissants, muffins, and zuchini bread and was all heavenly.
Our last day in Dallas ended like it began, with food and more food. We were treated to a beautiful and delicious brunch at Al Biernats. Al Biernats is a steak and seafood restaurant that also has a fabulous brunch on the weekends. We arrived before it was too very crowded and it was a beautiful place. The one thing I found interesting was the music. I'm pretty sure I heard some Muse and Black Eyed Peas, which I love but it seemed a little unfitting for some of the other guests that were a little more, um, proper and Dallas-y but they most have known I was coming because it made me feel right at home.

There is a stark contrast between a visit at my parent's and a visit with Brent's dad. I can't say that I prefer one to the other but I can definitely say that I'm glad both incorporate good food, whether it's made in my mom's kitchen or served to us at the limitless options of restaurants in downtown Dallas where his dad lives.
We got iced/snowed in while we were in Granbury, Christmas Eve so we headed up to Dallas on Christmas morning after the ice had melted a bit. It was crazy to see all the cars that had slid off the side of the road on our drive. It was a literal car graveyard and I hoped that everyone made it okay, eventually.
We arrived in Dallas in time for brunch and at at BuzzBrew's.

Christmas Eve


My sister made homemade: peanut butter cookies, non-bake oatmeal cookies, peanut brittle, chocolate chip cookies, fudge, and more. She is the baking genius between the two of us and everything always looks and tastes like perfection. Me, jealous much? Nah.
This year for Christmas Brent and I drove first to Granbury and then to Dallas to spend time with our families. We spent Christmas Eve with my family which includes my mom, stepdad, sister, brother-in-law, and three wonderful, though all now-taller-than-me nephews.
My family has celebrated Christmas Eve in the same manner every since I can remember. We always started with a formal dinner with real silverware, which had to be polished the day before, and china. There were, of course, pre-planned dress up clothes some of which my mom had sewn with visions of little house on the prairie type memories (at least that's what it seems like to me). Then, as children, we were tortured and the family did the dishes together and put them all away.  This was followed by a long process of picture taking where each person sat under the tree and were strategically covered in presents.  Then, only when all had their pictures taken, were we allowed to tear into the ungodly amount of presents before us.
I know I've been off for quite some time. Our little family has been working through some things and all seems to be going well. I'll definitely be back right after the new year and I hope that everyone has a fabulous and fun holiday season!!

Laura Louise Lane
Broiled Oysters- careful, that plate is H-O-T!
Of course Eddie V's will always hold a special place in my heart. I worked there as a hostess for three years and later became a manager; I loved every minute of both positions. Because of Eddie V's and its location, I met Brent. Because I met Brent, I left Eddie V's (it's hard to date someone not in the restaurant industry.. odd hours). It's also where Brent proposed, with my black pearl ring in an oyster shell, very appropriate. Though, for the record, I never wanted to be proposed to in a restaurant and he knew that, but it made sense because I was mostly surprised and it was the reason we met, so I forgave him. Besides, he also proposed on 8-8-08 and you know this future L-L-L loved the connotations of that!

Anyways, I've been missing this place since I stopped eating non-local meat when the other day I had a revelation. Duh, they serve Texas Gulf shrimp, oysters, and I believe Gulf Snapper as well. So the next day we headed over for their awesome Happy Hour to chow down on some good grub.

Blog slow down..


Hello to all my fabulously loyal readers! So, I'm sure many of you have noticed a bit of a slow down on the blogs. I'm just going to go ahead and throw out there that it's going to be a little more sporadic for a bit. Marc Katz's campaign for Lt. Governor is keeping me kind of busy.. which is a good thing! Add the holidays and some other personal stuff and I just can't give my posts the panache that I want. Plus, we are cutting way back on eating out right now, trying to nip a few of those holiday pounds in the bud before they get out of control! So this week we have vowed to not eat out at all,c ra I hope we can do it.. I'll keep you posted.

Anyways, Happy Holidays everyone.