Spicy Deviled Eggs with smoked paprika, american caviar, cornichons, olives, and caperberries
For the next two weeks there is no time for cooking in the Lane household between networking events, Eye Caddie interviews, ACL, movie premieres and an occasional bout of sleep. I have considered turning to crack cocaine to help me rid myself of the cumbersome sleep process, but after much consultation with friends have decided now isn't the time to start. It's expensive and apparently I'm already a little too high strung. Whatever. Anyways, so after about a 3 hour round of interviews Brent and I needed a few moments to download on what happened today, the rest of the plans for the evening, and break down everything for next few days. Since we were over on 2nd and Lavaca at Jo's for our interviews, we decided to stroll over to Lambert's for dinner.  Due to the hectic week, I chose to give in to my desires for comfort and last night that comfort was food.  I think this isn't an uncommon problem for people and here is my in turn delightful and simultaneously woeful tale of meat eating indulgence.
Sweet potatoe soup with salsa and yogurt
Tuesday night Brent and I were in for a treat as we were invited to our friend's new house for dinner!  Brent was fortunate enough to work with Ted and Nicole on finding their first house and I was glad to finally get a chance to see it, since I had heard so much about it.  I loved it so much and fell in love with a couple of things they can boast of.  I love the fact that some kitchens these days are placing the stove where the bar normally is (I should have taken a picture) so you can face your guests while slaving over the hot stove.  I think it adds so much to the dinner/entertaining experience.
I know, I know, I was just at Frank earlier in the week; you can see my other blog here. Sometimes you just can't get enough of a great thing though and it was the kickoff event for Flavors of Austin.

Of course your wondering, what is Flavors of Austin? Here's he explanation, directly from their site:
FLAVORS of Austin: 52 Week Food Frenzy.

FLAVORS of Austin: your chance to experience the best Austin restaurants at the best possible price. Each week we’ll bring you a new featured restaurant offering a discounted, exclusive, multi-course menu. It’s your opportunity to try new restaurants or re-check out your old favorites. Grab some friends and make a night of it!

To make it even better, for every dollar you spend at a participating FLAVORS of Austin restaurant, a portion will be given to the Sustainable Food Center of Austin.

J Black's Brunch..


So this weekend was a busy busy weekend! Saturday and Sunday Brent and I began our days at J Black's for a "casting call" for our business, Eye Caddie (website still under testing and construction).  J Black's has recently started doing brunch on Saturdays, from 10am-2pm, for home UT games and OU weekend and on Sundays, from 11am-2pm, during the NFL football season.  Ok, so I know I am generally biased since Brent is an investor at J Black's but I think because of that I am actually more critical of the service and food. That being said my breakfast was truly awesome!
Brent found out that Zombieland was premiering at the Paramount during Fantastic Fest here in Austin.  We were pretty bummed that we couldn't get tickets to the festival this year. I was super stoked that we were able to get into this showing, as some of the film tickets go up for sale to non badge holders. As soon as he told me this was premiering here in Austin, with the cast and a Q&A after, I was in.  I love zombie movies. Funny ones, scary ones, I dig em all! I appreciated that the tickets were assigned seating so I didn't have to worry about scrambling for seats and we had really good ones on the upper balcony dead center. I like the upper balcony at Paramount because the seating is angled and I can always see over the person's head in front of me, even if they are tall. Anyways....
Interior wall at Frank on 4th/Colorado.
Everybody has these kind of days... Life just seems too hard. You don't know why you bother to look at the bright side (sigh). Blame PMS, the economy, your inability to lose 5lbs, the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh for not solving the world economic woes yesterday, or the fact that starting a business is well, hard. 
Then yesterday something happened, and I found my reason for hope in the oddest place.  It was in the form of a gourmet hot dog place, Frank.  This was an unexpected rainbow in my obviously down day and in one bite the angel's sang from heaven and light shown down on our small family unit.
Don't ask me why, but Brent and I had to get up very early for a meeting today that began at 6:30 am.  Thankfully one of our favorite local coffee shops, that's located in the Frost Bank Tower, was up and making the world smell good with warming coffee smells.  Apparently they open at 6 am and Stephanie was there with her smiling face to make our morning start right.  I've mentioned Texenza before here, and how you can get a great deal on coffee and latte's if you follow them on twitter.  Now, about the food...
House Edamame with chile, lemon essence and salt
It was a busy night and my only wish is that there were more hours in this day.  After I got home from work, I enjoyed a nice run with cool weather. What a great change, I'm really enjoying this time of year!  Then Brent and I hurried to get ready for a quick Happy Hour at Imperia to visit with our friend on leave from Iraq.  We then hurried off to the Tribeza fashion show.
It was great to see our friend Josh, he looks great and we can hardly wait for him to come home in December.  We hadn't know him for long before he left and he made quite and impression on us with his kind heart and constant smile.  I look forward to getting to know him better upon his return.  Him and his gal, Jessica, just bought a house! I'm really excited for the both of them and all the good that I am sure is to come their way.
My day started off with a 5 mile run; I was then treated upon returning, to my wonderful husband, Brent, making me a beautiful huevos rancheros dish. It was made with a bottom layer consisting of a corn tortilla with black beans and diced pickled jalapenos and a sprinkle of shredded mexican cheese.  The second layer had a corn tortilla with two eggs over easy then topped off with his homemade ancho-tomatillo sauce. The pickled jalapeno was such a great addition with richness of the beans and the sauce, genius!  When he wants to cook he most always tops himself... most of the time he likes to pretend to be lost in the kitchen.
It was a super busy day and we parted ways after breakfast and Brent went to UrbanSpace for office hours and I went to a baby shower in Lakeway.
Exhausted, and always looking for an excuse to eat out, we remembered it was the second week of Austin Restaurant Week.  After some digging, we found another restaurant that offered a vegetarian option.

My shot of Bevo at the filming of ESPN Game Day on campus.
I love college football! Mostly I love it because it means getting together with friends, sporting your college spirit, and of course socializing and tailgates.  We didn't tailgate today but we did get up and go to the filming of ESPN College game day on campus.  It was pretty cool.  I always love seeing Bevo and he actually posed for me, how sweet. When I was in school at UT it was always a treat when I got to see the large beast on campus.  He is just so cool and I could learn a thing or two from him about staying calm.  I do have a theory that he's always on xanax, but it's just a theory.